• "I encountered Scott Blakeley more than 15 years ago at a seminar he was giving when I was a credit clerk.  As I have advanced, Scott and Blakeley LLP have been there time and again.  In this economy and industry, they have been extremely valuable with advice and knowledge, in addition to their comprehension of the music industry. Their fees remain reasonable while I present difficult requests and questions to which they always have answers with choices.   The firm is a significant part in the way I approach difficult situations, from A to Z to documents and decisions."
    — Vickie Silverman, Credit Manager, A.N.D. Corporation, Young Chang North America.
  • "Boise has enjoyed a relationship with Scott Blakeley and his firm, Blakeley LLP, for several years. They handled several high profile collection cases for us in addition to providing assistance in determining the correct legal path with other customers.  They regularly assists the NACM Fine Paper Group with legal services and provides educational seminars on various legal topics relevant to credit professionals.  It’s not uncommon for them to forward pertinent information about customers in our portfolio.  Blakeley LLP are a valuable asset to me and our company."
    — Boise Paper Holdings, LLC
  • "Scott Blakeley served as counsel to the Official Creditors Committee in a New Orleans Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in which there were $1 billion in unsecured claims. Four years later, unsecured trade creditors received 100 cents on the dollar. As chairman of the committee, I can attest that Scott and his firm, Blakeley LLP, provided superb services to the committee – and, at what was clearly a very reasonable cost for this type of legal representation. What our committee particularly liked, is that Scott involves his client in the decision making process. Our committee always felt that its concerns were consistently addressed in a prompt and thoroughly professional manner. I consider Scott and Blakeley LLP to be an invaluable strategic resource, not only with business bankruptcy, but also with creditors’ rights, and risk reduction techniques for the credit management professional."
    — Bosch Rexroth Corporation
  • "I have been associated with Scott Blakeley for well over 10 plus years and I consider him to be one of the top creditor’s attorneys in the state as well as nation. He and his firm, Blakeley LLP, have provided tremendous guidance to me and the company’s I have worked for over the years. The firm has also represented my current company on two specific bankrupt companies in which we were able to secure payment from both filings as well as a 100% return on one of the two. I highly recommend Blakeley LLP for all your trade creditor needs!"
    — Control Components Inc.
  • "Scott and his firm, Blakeley LLP, have been a prominent factor in our ability to provide legal knowledge in a variety of matters to our members and others working in the field of business credit. Members of Blakeley LLP routinely write monographs and articles for the Credit Research Foundation as well as make presentations to our meeting attendees; and most recently have worked with CRF in developing several on-line learning sessions for the CRF Online Classroom.  Scott’s high energy combined with his understanding of all aspects of creditor’s rights rank him among the top legal professional’s that the Credit Research Foundation considers when we look for sources to help our members. Beyond the bankruptcy and insolvency issues, his knowledge of the various legal issues that credit professionals face on a daily basis from matters related to opening a new customer account through the legal ramifications of dealing with risk mitigation devices, I am confident that when CRF looks to Scott and his firm for advice and direction, we are getting correct and constructive information."
    — Credit Research Foundation
  • "I’ve known Scott for about 14 years now and have always been impressed with his energy, dedication, and deep knowledge of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights issues. We are regular publishers of his and Blakeley LLP's articles as they are always a wealth of valuable information. Blakeley LLP are out speaking “in the trenches” more than probably anyone I know, and I believe that hands-on approach really allows the firm to truly have their fingers “on the pulse” of the needs of trade creditors. The firm is keenly aware of both the details on bankruptcy issues, but also the big picture context."
    — Credit Today LLC
  • "I have had the privilege of working with Scott Blakeley for many years on a variety of difficult receivable scenarios. Scott and his firm have always been prompt, efficient and provided me a level of legal advice unmatched in our industry. I consider Blakeley & Blakeley a must have tool in my collectors arsenal."
    — Criterion Brock
  • "Scott and Blakeley LLP are valued resources for the business to business credit professionals. They frequently reach out to the credit industry to teach and update them on how to protect their A/R assets and minimize the effects of bankruptcy on their firm. Cutter & Buck has utilized their resources in teaching in house seminars on navigating the ins and out of the bankruptcy process. I belong to several NACM credit trade industry groups that have benefitted from the firm's expertise on bankruptcy in seminar presentations to our groups to keep us updated. Their knowledge and understanding in the field of bankruptcy proceeding and how it effects business to business credit trade is of high value."
    — Cutter & Buck
  • "I have worked with Blakeley & Blakeley, LLP since I began my credit career in 1987. Scott has represented the three companies I have worked for and has exceeded any expectations I had. Let’s face facts – by the time Blakeley & Blakeley, LLP is engaged, the customer is close to being on life support; if not already in the grave. Their staff has always explored every available option and considered what is best, long and short term, for my employer. I have worked with Blakeley & Blakeley, LLP in a variety of scenarios; securing them as counsel on two creditor’s committees’ and for General Assignment on another matter; not to mention, hiring them as counsel on bankruptcy matters. Their knowledge of debtor rights exceeds many of the experiences I have had with other legal counsel and agencies. I will continue to recommend and utilize the services of Blakeley & Blakeley, LLP wherever I go..!"
    — Jill Escoto, Corporate Credit Manager, Davis Wire Corporation
  • "Blakeley & Blakeley are everything a credit manager looks for in a law firm. A comprehensive understanding of the nuances of UCC Law. Balanced with the ability to talk the issues and potential courses of action in practical credit manager terminology. They are experienced and dynamic. When I have looked to Blakeley LLP for assistance or advice on a pressing issue they instantly stimulate a sense of confidence that sets me at ease, and sets them apart from the other members of their profession."
    — Todd Miller, Credit Manager, Domino Foods, Inc.
  • "Scott Blakeley and I have worked together to champion creditors’ rights for more than twenty years. As active members of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), we have served as co-presenters at numerous creditor industry group meetings, speaking on various aspects of creditors’ rights and bankruptcy litigation. Scott is considered one of the premier creditors’ rights attorneys in the U.S. and is highly regarded within the commercial credit community as a litigator, educator and legal source."
    — Dorman Wood Associates, LLC
  • "Scott is the top professional in the field of Bankruptcy Law representing Creditors. He and his firm, Blakeley LLP, have been an invaluable resource to my staff and me over the years which has saved our company substantial money. I continue to recommend Blakeley LLP every opportunity I get, especially to represent creditor’s committees to which I have been appointed. The firm’s rates are competitive and the return usually pays for itself. Their follow up is top notch and they always responds in a timely manner."
    — Bob LaSalvia, Director of Credit, Hunter Douglas, Inc.
  • "My association with Blakeley LLP has spanned many years. The firm has acted as counsel for various creditors’ committees on which I have served and I have found that the firm has been a valuable resource when it comes to litigation, collection, and documentation issues. The firm’s rates are highly competitive and their work is top-notch."
    — Tim Carney, Director of Credit, Hurley
  • "In the 25 plus years of working with attorneys I can say that the members of Blakeley LLP are true professionals. They have the ability to combine sound legal advice with common sense solutions. Their level of service to Kawai is unparalleled and Scott has always been very available to talk and quickly solve problems. My association with Scott has turned into a true friendship."
    — Jim Nachreiner, National Credit Manager, Kawai America Corporation, Kawai Canada Music, Ltd.
  • "We were recently referred to the firm Blakely & Blakely LLP for their reputation and professionalism. Scott Blakely and his associates have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in their guidance and counsel in a complex situation. Most importantly we required a firm that would be accessible and provide a high degree of personal attention to our needs. We were particularly impressed with their quick response and flexibility during the process. We appreciated their continuous updates and relied on their expert opinion. I offer my highest recommendation to Blakely and Blakely LLP."
    — MEP Technologies
  • "Scott Blakeley has been a member and special friend of NACM Oregon for more than fifteen years. As a creditors rights attorney, he has helped numerous members with reclamation claims, preference defense, and service to creditors committees. As a member of our National Bankruptcy & Insolvency Group, Scott has been generous in making presentations, writing articles, and leading seminars on topics of interest to creditors. Consistently well-received, he provides cutting edge updates in a professional yet entertaining style."
    — NACM Oregon, Inc.
  • "I have known Scott for over ten years, and he is considered one of the best creditors’ attorneys in the country. Scott's firm, Blakeley LLP, has provided information to and made presentations to our members on how to protect their company’s receivables both before and after a customer files for bankruptcy."
    — National Business Credit Exchange
  • "For the past fourteen years, members of Blakeley LLP have played a significant role in guiding me through legal credit matters. We are truly pleased with the firm's knowledge in this ever changing world of credit. Blakeley & Blakeley also send quarterly news letters keeping me up to date with current credit policies and legal issues. This type of caring about their customer shows and has proven to be quite useful. I recommend Blakeley LLP to companies that want results with reasonable fees."
    — P.T. Hutchins Company
  • "My initial exposure to Scott was several years ago when I first heard him speak at a seminar. His in-depth of knowledge of “things legal” made it immediately apparent PCA needed to add him to our short list of outside counsel. Soon thereafter he agreed to take us on as clients and since not only have I found a valued counselor but a good friend in Scott. And, as when I first met him, Scott continues to give of his time and talent in sharing his legal expertise with numerous industry credit groups and other credit fraternity functions. Blakeley LLP has successfully represented PCA in numerous collection actions as well as various bankruptcy situations. While Blakeley LLP’s rates are extremely competitive, the results they have achieved for PCA would certainly cost justify significantly higher fees. I honestly believe Scott, Brad and the rest of the firm of Blakeley LLP represent one of the most outstanding creditor rights firms in the US."
    — J. Wm. (Bill) Weilmann, Credit Manager, Packaging Corporation of America
  • "I have had the pleasure of knowing Scott Blakeley for close to 20 years. Scott has been a huge supporter of both NACM (National Association of Credit Managers) and its largest affiliate, CMA (Credit Management Association) and it is through these organizations that I have come to know Scott. He has been an instructor for many years at both the Credit Congress convention as well as the Western Regional Credit Conference. He has also volunteered many hours of his time speaking at our trade group meetings, educating us on subjects such as bankruptcy, escheatment, preference, the Equal Opportunity Credit Act, credit cards, out of court workouts and credit policies just to name a few. Scott's expertise is evident in all that he does. I truly have not met anyone with as much knowledge and enthusiasm and willingness to give of his time for the betterment of the credit community!"
    — Projections Unlimited, Inc.
  • "Scott and I have worked together for over ten years. He is the “Expert’s Expert” and an invaluable resource on collections and bankruptcy legal issues. I have always been impressed by his scope of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm. We have shared podiums a number of times, presenting topics to professional groups and clients. Several things are certain at these events, Scott is animated and unable to sit down while speaking, he simplifies the most complex legal issues and he answers every question in depth."
    — Quote to Cash Solutions (Q2C) LLC
  • "Through professional associations and webcast seminars, Blakeley & Blakeley, LLP has generously added knowledge to my continuing credit, and legal education over several years. The learning provided, and their responses to requests are always prompt, and helpful without regard to the size of my employer, or my involvement in bankruptcy cases – usually minimal. I value the professional relationship, and count the people at Blakeley & Blakeley as friends."
    — Spectrum Bags, Inc.
  • "I have known Scott Blakeley for several years through both the NACM and ABI, and always consider him a valuable resource to go to for any sort of bankruptcy or delinquent receivables type situations or questions. We often share information on the latest news, laws, etc. Scott's firm, Blakeley LLP, has provided information to and made presentations to members of various professional organizations I belong to on how to protect their company’s receivables both before and after a customer files for bankruptcy and he has always been very responsive and informative. The firm also offers a free webinar monthly which is always right on target on current topics."
    — Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp./Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations U.S.A., Inc.
  • "Blakeley LLP has become a valuable partner to Temple-Inland over the past five years. The firm has provided valuable assistance, guidance, and counseling to Temple-Inland in the areas of commercial collections and bankruptcy. Additionally, Blakeley LLP has produced solid results, constantly exceeding expectations, in Temple-Inland’s California commercial collection cases. Unlike most commercial collection attorneys, the attorneys at Blakeley LLP are good communicators and provide regular case updates for all active collection cases being handled by the firm."
    — Danny McDonald, C.P.A., Esq., Corporate Attorney, Temple-Inland
  • "In the past 15 years I have reached out to Scott for help and guidance on credit issues in two different Industries, (gift and Radio). I also invited Scott to speak to a credit interchange group that I chaired, which he did so many companies at one time could take advantage of his vast knowledge in Bankruptcy and other areas. I have participated in his firm's online webinars, which I also asked my management team to take part in to help them better understand if change is needed or not. That way they could hear it from the experts and in some cases changes were made. Blakeley LLP has always been there when I needed to help my companies and I make better informed decisions which makes my life much less stressful."
    — Three Eagles Communications, Inc.
  • "I have known Scott for over 10 years and he is definitely a top notch attorney to work with. I first met Scott when he spoke to our Industry credit group over a decade ago. Since then I’ve had quite a few opportunities to hear his educational lectures on various topic both at our industry group meetings, conferences and the free Webinars that his firm provides. In addition because of his knowledge and expertise we have used his firm, Blakeley LLP, to handle quite a few preference demands both on Bankruptcy cases and ABC cases. Blakeley LLP has excellent client communication and follow up! With their proficiency, they have saved my company a huge sum of monies and in a few case we settled for very minimal amounts. Their fees are reasonable and their work is sublime. I highly recommend utilizing Blakeley LLP for any credit, collection, or bankruptcy issues. I truly value my relationship with Blakeley LLP."
    — Treasure Garden Inc.
  • "I can’t think of anyone that has more expertise in all aspects of Credit Law than Scott Blakeley. Scott is a gentleman that all of us can learn from. Whenever I am at a Credit Conference I look for Scott Blakeley’s name on the list of speakers & make sure to attend his session. Scott is so knowledgeable & innovative in his thinking that he can help provide you with solutions to collection & bankruptcy issues that you didn’t know were available."
    — Triple B Corporation dba Charlie’s Produce
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Scott Blakeley on numerous occasions over the 17 years I have been at Tropitone. His service is prompt and impeccable. Scott and his firm, Blakeley LLP, have shown nothing but professionalism through every legal issue they have taken care of for our company. They are detailed, accurate, timely and precise while gathering information to resolve the current legal issue. All legal matters have been handled as expeditiously as possible at a very fair rate. Scott has attended many of our credit meetings as a Guest Speaker. He is highly informative and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the legalities of bankruptcy and B2B law. The monthly teleconferences are invaluable for keeping employees educated on all current legal issues pertaining to doing business in any industry. I consider Blakeley LLP an incredible resource and it gives me a high comfort level knowing that when I need them, they will do the best job and get the best results every-time on time."
    — Anne Mattson, Credit Manager, Tropitone Furniture Co., Inc
  • "Scott has been an invaluable resource for the NACM credit group which I presently chair. He is always willing to address the group on legal matters of interest to the members. In addition, Scott is a good resource for me, alerting me when he hears of issues with customers and sending me articles that he knows will be of interest to me. I value the relationship developed with Scott over the years and know I can count on him."
    — UPM-Kymmene Inc
  • "Because of my experience with Blakeley LLP, I can attest to their quick and “no nonsense” approach. All of the firm’s recommendations were made in the context of not only the legal ramifications, but cost considerations and next step possibilities. The firm is reasonable in their billing rates and efficient in communication and research. I consider my relationship with the firm to be a valuable resource and one that gives me the security to know that I am looking at all possibilities for my employer and making informed and intelligent decisions as a result."
    — Ventura Foods LLC
  • "I met Scott Blakely through my association with NACM about 8 years ago. Scott is a very prominent figure within NACM and is highly respected by all. I have had Scott do presentations on various bankruptcy topics at our Industry group meetings as well as to my department meetings. Because of his expertise in the bankruptcy field I often seek his advice on bankruptcy preference issues. His wealth of information on this topic has been invaluable to me. I always know that I can count on Scott for a quick response to an email or phone call that will assist me with making an intelligent decision."
    — Volt Workforce Solutions
  • "Blakeley LLP has represented my company a number of times on preference claim issues. In each instance they were successful in reducing the amount of the claim or having it eliminated altogether. They also have been an invaluable resource on U S Bankruptcy issues that we, as a Canadian company, were not always up to speed on. "
    — West Fraser Timber Co. Limited
  • "I have always been impressed by the work Blakeley LLP did for us, at competitive rates. I've found the firm to be very professional and attentive to my/our needs. They are excellent bankruptcy attorneys and they would be the first firm I would go to if I had a CA customer file a Chapter 11 petition. It also needs to be said that members of the firm are awesome in giving back to the credit community, with educational seminars to help them collect/protect their employers money. For decades now members of the firm have been an annual speaker at the National Association of Credit Management annual national convection, plus regional meetings throughout the years.  Blakeley LLP has taught more credit people than I can count, in protecting their firms greatest assets, Accounts Receivable and I know it's greatly appreciated."
    — YESCO, LLC