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Supplier Pacts:  An Alternative Collection Strategy for the Credit Team Dealing with the Financially Struggling Customer

Thursday, April 20, 2017 

11:00 am pacific time/ 2:00 pm eastern time
Duration: 60 minutes

   Scott Blakeley







The credit team dealing with a delinquent account and a customer that is not responding may face the decision tree:  a go-it-alone collection strategy, or team with other suppliers with delinquent accounts to force payment. Industry groups are a unique forum for credit team members to share customer account information, including delinquent accounts. The unifying interest of suppliers acting as a team, a supplier pact (SP), is to create leverage through a single voice and achieve the cost savings through this group collection strategy.   We will discuss:
  • Credit team decision:  go-it-alone collection strategy vs. joining a SP:  factors to weigh
  • The shifting allegiance of the insolvent customer:  from supplier to lender as a result of lender guaranty
  • What is a SP, how is it formed and how it may create value for members through access to customer financials and payments
  • Industry group members teaming together for SP:  group bylaw restrictions and authority to act in unison
  • Legal distinction for the SP in dealing with member past due invoices vs. pending POs:  how far may group action extend?
  • The Sherman Act federal antitrust law and its impact on a SP
  • Fiduciary duty of SP to unsecured creditors that are not members
  • The role of an involuntary bankruptcy petition and a SP
We will webcast on Thursday, April 20 at 11:00 a.m pdt / 2:00 p.m. edt for 60 minutes. You may email questions in advance of the webcast, which we will consider during the webcast. During the webcast, you may post questions, which we will respond in real time.

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